Accidentally refine

IS there any way to cancel a refine if it is done accidently ,

If not then there shiuld be system like this because refining takes a lot of time and golds .

Hi @Shivaravi, It can’t be stopped once started. Am sorry to hear your loss… @Madlen Can you please ask the developers to implement the stop button, so accidents like this don’t happen again… Things like these hurt more than breaking a limb…

HI, IllidanVishnu,

I agree, would be handy to have. Could you please make a post about this in the suggestions and improvements section, if this hasn’t been done yet?

Thank you!

Thankyou guys , for reply and support 

But i don’t know how to contact developers and they very rareky reply to presonal messages

I lost my 2 5* titans and millions of gold to forge them from green and time all wasted with a single mistake