Account back soon

I should have a new computer (or a “new” fixed version of my old one) with which I will download again and ask flare for my account, adios, hopefully I’ll see you guys in a few weeks!

I hate to admit this though, I don’t feel like a have a weight upon me anymore right now, I felt forced to play wars and ninja events, flare, maybe you could spice things up, make events longer (or shorter) and funner. Don’t keep the same crap for the players, come up with something funner (no offense meant, it’s fun as it is now, it just needs a bit of spice)

The sad news is that my king overcame the yours on the level when you were inactive.

You’re level 94 now? Nice

Bday in 10 days…hint hint lol

For now your account is inactive in our other team. You are welcome back after support helped you to transfer your account

You want an account for your birthday, is that it? :lol:

lol, no, new laptop, which is basically the same thing, but better, cause I need one for school

I reached level 97 Yesterday evening with my last fight in war season.

WOW, very nice