Account Deletion

Please tell me how to delete the account I don’t want any source of information to exist related to my account. Game used to be fun now but now it is just a dumb money grinding game. You cannot tell me that after one night an opposite defense that I owned suddenly became overwhelming for me. Also 2 items which give me a certain defense suddenly are not working at all and spells are not doing any damage what so ever.

Therefore how to delete?!

There is no way to delete account but you can create a new account on other device and overwrite his info on your main account,  in that way you will loose access to your main account and to get it back you need to contact flaregames support 

just delete the game and do not go into it anymore … why draw attention?

Just uninstall the game, then within 7 days your account will be inactive. That’s mean there’s no one who can search your account information in the game and can’t attack you (it’s like your account disappear from the game).

However, it’ll active again when you install the game and login with your account after that so don’t do this if you want your account remain disappear from the game.