Account got banned but no one is listening to my point

My account is banned for no big reason I want to get my account back. Why I have been banned if I abused in alliance chat it’s our personal matter. And moreover this was started by a guy named IGN: 313BAIA I am attaching screenshot below because he was the one who started all this, if I would be banned then he has to get banned as well. I wasn’t aware of this thing that on abusing over alliance chat can make the account ban, if I would have known that then I would have took the screenshots first and reported you against him. He said to me that I should masturbate to generate gems, that situation was going against my self respect and I need to protect my self respect thats why I did this and answered him in his own way. Before I could click the screenshots of alliance chatwhere he said abuses regarding me and my family, my internet connection got slow and account was disconnected when I reconnected it got banned so I have only these screenshots which are enough to reveal his character and you guys could believe that person like this can do such dirty abuses. They could have kiked me out but instead of doing that they banned me I have apologize to my mistake from this guy and admins of royal revolt 2 biggest group I promise I will never do that again but please give my account as soon as possible otherwise I will miss my shielding cup pro league and my tickets and rewards will be wasted and I will also the happy birthday royal revolt 2 present. Kindly please unban me now and please improve your customer support system as I didn’t got reply for 3 days in my last email so I am sending a new email.

Flare support won’t reply your complaint that you send from your personal email.

You have to send ticket from this address:

After that you’ll receiving email response from support and you can begin your conversation via email.

Good luck!

ps. they don’t work on weekends.

Why to bring country in your personal matters… Anyway I think you should get unbanned. If someone is using foul language then it’s not a one sided affair. So either both should be banned or none should be banned. Or, if it’s a one sided affair then just kick the rotten fish out. 

What happens in an alliance is that alliances business, not Flares. The alliance chat is the domain of the alliance. Using foul language in a public chat however, for example on forums or discord, is a different story.

I think Flare shouldn’t have any say in what can or cannot be said in the alliance chats and let alliances self-regulate on this matter.

We always beat Gala :wink:  

It’s done. He has been banned forever, cause of breaking the TOS. Abusing/insulting other players in the game is unacceptable that’s why he got banned forever now

Better be careful of your every word now. Flare is watching us.

All the more reason to make use of your own chatrooms, outside RR2.

Can someone from Flare please confirm this is indeed how you will run things and that this guy got banned for this reason? @GalaMorgane


By the way I know of some other people that were abusive in our alliance chat which we simply kicked. Seems like situations like this can be solved easily by kicking someone instead of banning them from the game. Are we supposed to snitch on them now to Big Brother Flare so they will get banned?

I don’t see enough reasons to ban either of you

About the kicking. Would you want guys that insult other people’s mom’s and whatever to still play the game and maybe do the same thing in other alliances? Those kind of things have no place in a game like that and imo those guys deserve to be banned forever. Those things are just unacceptable and disgusting

Oh please, grow up. If you can’t take something like that you have no place on the internet. Let there be no doubt that I’m fully against anyone saying these things but this is the harsh real world and we shouldn’t become like children here.

Flare has no reason to be watching alliance chats and alliance chats should be under alliance regulation.

To get offended is your own choice. If you want your own safe space join an alliance that has rules for chat and enforces them. Don’t go crying to Flare.

They didn’t watch the chat, someone sent them what was said in the alliance chat

Hi guys,

Please stay on topic and remain respectful to others. Thank you. 

@Suyash the only thing is for you to wait on Customer Support to reply to you ticket. Kindly remember we do not work during the week-end. Also please do not send multiple tickets. It won’t get you an answer any faster, in fact it could be slower.

Many thanks,


Oooh, I do not want to take away your illusions, but it seems Flare has been watching private conversations before.

From the case I have heard of, Flares intervention must have been triggered by keywords and was related to private in-game talking about the theoretical possibility of re-engineering RR2.
If this listening in is possible - who says they will not use a key word search on other topics?

Anyways. Insults are, like cheating or reverse engineering, against Flares TOS.

I can’t say anything about private conversations, but I know that they remove comments in alliance chats if they’re inappropriate. I have seen it before, especially when someone says something about fg in game :wink: I’ve seen those comments getting removed before. Someone says fg sucks and it gets removed :wink: But in this case I know that someone sent them screenshots of the alliance chat, which caused the ban. Don’t think they ban if nobody sends them screenshots of the chat. I’ve seen many guys cursing/insulting in game and none of them has been banned. Seems like the chances of them getting banned are higher when you send them screenshots. But who knows

it is disgusting, but nothing that anyone should be banned over

So, even you think that support has the right to interfere in these matters. As Maestro said, what happens in the alliance chat is not flares business

Well, but you agreed to this:

Most people just accept all those terms of service without even reading them… 

Just behave like a decent human being, whether in alliance chat or in private messages and you will never be surprised about  getting banned.

It’s a good thing they don’t have a better chat system in RR2 and people are forced to use other means of communication to fulfill the needs of alliances. A blessing in disguise.

Whatever the ToS says, Flare meddling with alliance business will never be appreciated. Not by me, nor should it be by anyone else.