Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS


I would like to link my RR2 account to my iOS iPad. I have reached the limit of the account links. I think I have made a mistake by linking it with my Android Phone.

For sure, I want to use my accound in the IOS account and not my Android Phone.

Could you please provide me one more account link ?

Thank you.

Best regards


In this case you need to contact the support and ask them to transfer your account :slight_smile:

I love how we are all doing GalaMorgane’s job for her :wink:  

Lolz, did you not know the easy way for free games like this one is “to have the support done” is by leaving it to capable/informed forum members?

A real skilled helpdesk eats into possible profit-margents and that’s a no-no.

We gotta become more expensive then a skilled helpdesk then somehow. But how… How to eat into flare’s profits (or at least income, no idea if they’re even profiting)…

Hello, @Kamehameha! As other Kings & Queens have indicated you should do, please submit a request to our support team. They will be able to assist you better with this issue: