Account linkage cooldown

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I figured out it would be better to have it in this category. As it usually goes, please direct me to the correct place if this isn’t the right one.

The most vigilant and active of you might have extrapolated that my Ipad was recently assigned a KIA state, meaning that I had to emergency-link my account to my PC, so that I would not miss stuff. My PC is not something I take with me when I leave my house, so overall I have a rather crap experience with OR on it. I do have a new Ipad now and I am eager to go back to “normalcy”, yet I am unable to link my account to the new Ipad, all due to the 30 day cooldown.

The actual question I have is whether there is a way to speed the things up a bit (through the formal ts request for instance), or I absolutely have to suffer for the remaining 16 days? Ideally, should Morgan or Chris wonder in this realm, the follow-up question would be whether bringing the issue to Suggestions (special feature or complete cd removal) would be useful or such things are locked for discussion?

The cooldown is necessary to minimise exploits, but you should be able to contact support to help you out here.

Thats what I figured too, thanks for the help!