Account Lost

Hi Flare,

I have lost my account. Please recover as a matter of urgency. Alliance war starts today evening and I need my account back.

My Complaint request ID is 44144.

Please do the needful.

Kind Regards


how you lost your account and which mobile you are using??

he is using windows phone

okay …you can recover your account by downloading again…

iam also using windows mobile only…i uninstalled the game for 4 to 5 times…then i recoverd by installing again :slight_smile:

he try that trick twice but options no popping up.

I have already tried it once before posting and it did not work. once I download again if it does not get recovered then I will have to create another account and req for with details.

after installing the game you have to complete tutorial then you will get some options about your previous account…

yea he try all things but not working. Flares need to recover it fast cuz after some hrs Alliance war is going to start :slightly_frowning_face: .


First Request ID is 44144

Second Request ID is 44153

First Request ID is 44144

Second Request ID is 44153