account lost

Today I lost my account. First game is not opening so I uninstalled and installed again. I cant save my game because I have 2 accounts so other account is save on my Microsoft account. So please help me as fast as possible because today is war starting.I’m in the Great jimingos and I really need the account.

my request id is 44142

war is going to be start & any of the Admins not replying on the post  . Flares help him fast he is in top alliance. & you know every member of top alliance are valuable. They can lost cuz of 1 inactive player :slightly_frowning_face: Flare should help him fast :slight_smile:

I still not got my account , please it’s help me n watch this pictures. It’s look like I’m begging to them.I’m doing this from 2-3 days now.


Please note that the support is not working over the weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: I am not part of the support team, therefore I cannot help you with this issue.

Now I have no words for this , just waiting for them be work

It should be common knowledge for all RR2 players that Flare’s support team doesn’t work on weekends, all we can do is being patient if we need something from them on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll remember this now , because I don’t know about this weekend off

today is Monday , please now try to help me so I can play again

  • The player name you used in your lost game - The player name of your newly created game I need a player name Bentz II returned. property Bentz II degree 94  

my request id is  44683


I think they are not in the mood to provide me any help , Monday gone Tuesday is up but they are still like on leave or like I’m their enemy. Begging isn’t work and I’m gonna mention #Karman(moderator) who told Me to wait for Monday because of I’m fool. No worry I’m fool now by flare games. I spent my money for such game and what I got ‘NOTHING’.

JCUTWBMD hello enter code please help me!

create a dummy and hit it there…