Account sharing?

Hi all,

obviously fighting in the war this week, encountered an alliance that is so obviously account sharing I just wondered what the policy was regarding this.

  1. So I watched for approx 120 mins as the particular alliance score increased by 1 strikes worth of points every few minutes - never more than 1 strikes worth of points.  (it was a dull 2 hours I’ll admit) 

  2. All 9 accounts have identical base design and statue. 

  3. Players were attacked by a certain player within a time frame - then a different player never at the same time. 

I would bet all the gems in my account that all 9 accounts are/were controlled by the same player (IP address) @CaptainMorgan or @Madlen.

If you’re interested message me and I’ll advise you of the alliance and times etc of attacks,  thanks.

I have a feeling I know of whom you are referring.

Same, they are quite famous by now

That’s a harder feat to pull off than it sounds. I’d go insane. 

not really - lvl 130-131 accounts just doing auto play against lvl100-105 over and over is prob quite easy - but the accounts took  time to get them there, I’ll grant them that!

Someoen applied to that clan in spirng I believe. Was rejected, but oh well

Yeah, keeping 9 accounts current and active is my idea of hell. 

Ever seen the movie “Split”?

Maybe just a guy with serious schizophrenic disorder…he’s just having fun…all nine of them…

Schizophrenia is NOT the same as a Dissociative Identity Disorder. First is when you see hallucinations, second is when you have multiple personalities.

Now, technicalities aside, it would be an interesting case indeed.

Yeah…i mixed it up…thanks to my Alzheimer…

Ok, I know which alliance you guys are talking about now. It’s the most bizzare thing ever. Why some dude would run a gimmick like that is beyond me. You were able to beat them, right @Philstar? I mean they only have 9 players.

Rumors are those 9 players are very efficient and effective. In any case, I am pretty sure this alliance is way too high up for its member-size, so fighting them is a disaster in itself (because less vps and stuff)

Yeah, you’d have to go through the whole lineup twice on some strikes. 

@Philstar can you tell which alliance is this?

And who is even running them,I mean I play with two accounts and it is taxing.

High Heels

In my former alliance we called the duel with them “the clone wars” :wink:  

Hello, we will look into this.