Account System

I suggest that there should be a login system with username and password etc. This will enable players to access their profiles from any device.

With this, they have high chance that someone will hack other player.


Just warn.

well, you’ve got a point but still, it’s cool.

to make it safer, a secret question could be asked. 

Yes. I like this because we can play our account in other device. They have good system security about information in game.

If they want, they can add it!


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Often requested but there is no interest from devs side.

But then we’ll be able to have multiple accounts on one phone it self…

The way Clash of Clans does device linking is simple to implement, and completely secure. It does allow for multiple people to share a single account, but I can’t see how that could give any advantage in this game. Especially with the play time limits they recently added.

For those who don’t know, the way it works in Clash of Clans is you go to settings and say you want to link another device to your account. It then shows you a random code from the server that’s valid for a few minutes. You launch the game on your other device, go to settings and enter that code, and now the new device is linked to your account. No passwords or accounts to get hacked. Fast and simple.

so, the same method can be used on rr2, right?

It would take any competent dev a day to code and test the basic functionality. There would need to be new UI work to go along with it, though, and I have no idea how easy or hard that is in their game engine. Plus some time for localization.

All those things could be done in parallel, for the most part. Maybe it takes 3-5 days to do, but that’s 3-5 days they’re not spending on things that make them money, so who knows if it will ever happen.

Just to quickly add to this:


I don’t see why an account login system should be impossible to implement from a technical side.


However, the game has been designed from the start with the current system in mind.


And for the most part this system works as intended: It ties you game progress to your Google or Apple account and loads it automatically if you log in from another device.


If this does not work (for whatever reason), our support team can still always restore your account to you manually.


So changing the system would mean investing an enormous amount of time and energy into change a meachnic that is working quite well for the vast majority of players.





I agree, it works relatively well. It allows you to play on multiple devices but not multiple people on one device (at least not for Android). 

I demanded it heavily but solved my issue different - I bought an additional tablet - which is more fun as my wife and I now can play at the same time!

So we’ll see support for this with Microsoft accounts about the same time Windows users have access to a free food mechanic, right? :rolleyes: