Account Transfer through Flaregames Support

So, apparently one cannot share or give away one’s account. If one does, Flaregames will not help you retrieve your account if you lose it. However, I had my friend log into my account once when for some reason I could not log into mine to try to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it, and I also let another play on my account for a few minutes before when I was trying to convince him to play the game with me. Am I no longer eligible for Flaregames customer support? If so I will probably quit playing this game, before I am so addicted to it that losing my account would devastate me. If not I will continue to play and smash my friends’ castles - as well as my enemies’.


This situation is only if abuses have been noticed,or if you claim your account has been stolen while you are the one who gave information about the account.

Otherwise you are pretty much safe :grinning: