Account Transfer

i send ticket to flaregames to transfer my account but they are not transferring my account why?

they said to use new feature of transfer but i cannot use that feature because then i have to install bluestacks and open the game on it and open the game on window 10 pc and i have 2 gb ram in my pc so when i open that my pc become slow so please transfer my account to andriod to window 10 pc

Hey RR2Master!


Unfortunately we can not offer you support for account related issue on the forums.

Please stay in touch with the support and explain why you can’t to them, they will take care of it.


Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

i send my ticket on 25 sept now is 5 oct 10 days my account is not transfer 

i want to play rr2 but i need my old progress i am very sad  :mellow:

Hey RR2Master!


Please answer to your ticket again and explain what you just said here about the impossibility to transfer your account. :grinning:

I have an account in my windows laptop a d now I want to continue that account in my new Android device.please tell me how I can continue my account in my new Android device.

In my new Android device I have made account with r.s.raj6514.



Please have a look at this guide to know how to transfer your account: