Account transferring doesn't work properly

transferring account doesn’t work properly. when i click transfer account to another device it showing connection lost. please fix this bug   



This is normal.

You can only transfer your account twice per 28 days.

If you try to transfer your account more than this, you will get disconnected and the account will not be transferred.

Gottcha william

Got it thank you for quick reply 

now i’ve to wait 28 days?



Yes, you have to wait 28 days to transfer your account again.

does my laptop need bluetooth in order to transfer the account to my phone? thnx


Also why the 28 days wait. This could be the solution for windows users for me to switch devices alot while I collect goodies from tapjoy/watch videos on my phone then transfer back to windows 8 where I love to play.


Lets reduce the days waiting to 1 day.



No, you just need to have an internet connection on both!

For more detailed info, check out this helpful post in the guides section:


Also, please note that after transferring your account, it will be available on BOTH devices, so you don’t need to switch it back and forth. 

Thus, you will only be affected by the 28 day cooldown, if you have more than 2 additional devices you want to share your account with. 

Sure, the limitation could be discussed, it is but probably for safety, stability or exploitation reasons, and shouldn’t really hit the “usual” player that wants to play on 1-3 devices only. :grinning:

wants to know when we can get special packages?

is it based on my player level ?

what do i need to do so that they can see good packages 

reply me please

the special packages come when you don’t have enough gems to afford the package. it is there to get you to buy gems for the package.

If I transfer my windows account to my android phone, can I continue to play on them both in other words are they sync together.

Account Transferring still doesn’t work i don’t know why it showing “You Reached Account Transferring limit”