just a scenario how do i un-link my account to other devices that was lost or stolen?

Hi @kingg919,

Sorry to hear about your incident. Here is the step by step process in our Knowledge Base:–I-have-lost-my-account-what-can-I-do-

Hope this will help you get your account back!


That didn’t answer OP’s question at all :grinning:

I’m not entirely sure but in google there should be an option to close all active apps logged to your account. So that the person who has access to the device would have to enter the password to log in (to game or anything else you were using).  I also would just change my passwords to google account and anything else just to be sure. And maybe contacting support so they can unlink account from a certain device if that’s even possible for them to do.

Depend of the scenario! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’ve lost your phone and want to recover your account on a new phone, then that’s the correct way to proceed.

If you’ve lost your phone but already have your account on a new phone and wants to just un-link it from your old phone, then you’ll still have to contact support. Either way, customer support is the way to go :slight_smile: