ive made a ticket about having my account link, i was chatting with customer representative of flare games now, after rephrasing my problem after like 3 times. he is very rude!!! LOL being a paying customer of the  game itself since i started the game and this is what i get.  :angry: can someone help me get my ticket transferred to a different person to have it resolved 

PS. made the ticket for a couple of days now. my ticket number is 106812

what is your bug?

no bug / just need to have rep to override link feature on the game itself and be able to play the game again in windows pc  or over write it the game in the start up account on pc so i can play it again in pc / 

Perhaps there’s misunderstanding?

We have new CM ?, and for this matter you can summon her here: @GalaMorgane


ps. The rule stated we can only link our account 1 time per year.

well rep said on the 3rd response i got he can over write it i needed to make sure nothing will happen on the game in my phone so i had to make it clear but he went irrate afterwards @_@. ill try to msg @GalaMorganeas well thanks