Accuracy in the yellow dot

Thank you. The yellow dot has come out 3 times in the sum of two attacks and has been very accurate. In the moment that I have missed it, it has marked it and I have just turned around and there was the gift on all three occasions. Good accuracy. Thank you.

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If that yellow spot also would not have a serious delay in time before appearing, you didn’t need to turn around.


The truth is that in my case, it has been exact. At the time of passing it to me, it came out. It makes the function good.

The sound does not know how it works, because I always have the game without sound, so in the attack I was seeing the bar to see its accuracy. :wink:

Would save a lot of time , programming cost, and attacks failed for time if it just auto collected them… why must we turn around?

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Yes friend, but you have to see it differently. They are gifts that the game offers. It is an extra. They give us gifts without asking us to make the player happier. With the yellow dot, it’s not so much the turn you take if you’re looking at the bar that marks it. If you look, you only give a small recoil of only seconds. The
have provided with a yellow dot, what else do we want? Automatic? If they put us in automatic, then we will ask that the gifts take us home? They have worried about making it more comfortable, we should not be selfish. I always complain about some changes, I’ve even faced developers, but … when I see that developers do good, I also say so. I wanted to publish this by thanking the developers. When I think they do things wrong, I let them know and I face the developers if necessary, but when they do things well, it must also be said. We can’t be so selfish. Now it is everyone’s decision, to turn around to pick up that gift that marks you in yellow. Nor do you lose so much if you do not turn around, but they have made an effort to mark it with the yellow dot and that is appreciated. :wink:

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I know I will get slammed with this answer as well, but with “automatic rewards” for hidden treasures, why shouldn’t we have “automatic wins” for battles as well? Wouldn’t that make life so much easier also?? :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Let’s all be thankful Flare listened to us and made life a little easier by letting us know we have some hidden treasures somewhere along the raided path, so if turning around to pick it up is all we have to do to get it, let’s be happy and stop complaining. Thanks, Flare, for the notice of where those treasure are. I, for one, appreciate it. :heart_eyes:


Runes and other items still dropping at the gate. Just lost 2 as the gate fell and they came from the gate towers no way to get them… thought this was suppose to be fixed?

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