Achievement gem refund policy complaint

Dear Flare,

I am opening this topic after your peculiar decision of locking the official achievement gem refund thread.

I was not refunded any gems lost due to your highly controversial decision to change the number of gems awarded for certain achievements. Even after posting in your dedicated thread, it seems like you decided you do not have enough information to refund my gems. This is coming from a company that developed and maintains the game, with full access to the in game data. As a person that is also heavily involved in the software development business, I believe think this is not only very unusual, but highly unprofessional. At worst, a policy set specifically to increase the effort necessary to obtain the missing gems in a ridiculous effort to further monetize the game.

You are placing the burden on me as a player to remember all the achievement and to research the difference of gems between now and before when no such information is officially available. This is wrong on so many levels and a horrific customer experience.

I contacted support via the link provided. There is of course no specific section in the form about this and. I can only pray my submission will find its way to the proper person. Honestly I do not expect a timely response based on the past experience. I am just writing this post to communicate my honest opinion about the way you handled this issue. It was YOUR mistake, not mine to fix and the way you do it is a measure of your company and eventually it will affect your image.

Thank you!

And what about those who haven’t completed the quest yet ? Why would they have to compromise with the new lower rewards ?

Answers this anyone from flare !! This the hundredth time its mentioned !!

I too mentioned it in the other thread but that point is ignored. I am speaking for all even though I was fast to collect them while the update was downloading and not yet installed. Ideally though, I wanted the quests uncollected till I need them. Especially helps me with accidental scrolls pressed while playing. No gems no scrolls and also no accidental buy or finish if low gem count.

Completely agree with you Sorin. Another thing is, what about players who don’t have account on this forum ? Or on facebook ? Flare didn’t even post any information about gem refund on their official facebook page. I bet there are hundreds of players who just lost their gems. What about closing the official thread before windows pc players even are able to get the new update ? Ok, I know we cen send you a ticket but doesn’t it make you to have more work ? Receiving hundreds of emails requesting gems refund ? (and we will have to wait days or weeks for  a reply). As Sorin said, why on earth are you expectin us to remeber the number of gems for each achievement ? What about players who had saved achievements from the beginning (bronze+silver+gold) ? They are not able to tell you how many gems they had before the update and after the update. We can only remeber achievements with these huge differences like 250 gems instead of 1000. I’m sure that most of the players who informed you about the number of missing gems forgot about smaller rewards. As I said ealier somewhere on this forum, I’m very disappointed with the current situation and I’m not the only one.

I fully agree with you. Whilst I liked the fact that Flaregames decided to correct this move the way they do seems like avoiding too many compensations.

I personally decided to not even request because I do not know on which quests I got a hit and to which quests it has been moved to so that maybe I didn’t loose the gems at all as most of my quest are not collected yet…

Again, good signal from Flare but only done with half energy :slightly_frowning_face:

I guess it’s partly our fault for having such high hopes on a small company that update after update, claim after claim, mistake after mistake and not learn from those mistakes (and now those mistakes are errors) every time gets worse , and all Flares has to say is : "this was not intentional, WE ARE ON IT " 


they surely like to jerk around players. 

As mentioned in the now closed post:


  • We put a deadline on the forums thread to avoid abuse from players that are not affected by this but still try to cash in on the issue.

  • Compensation is still on-going.

  • We can only compensate you if you include all necessary information: your exact in-game user name, all achievements in question, the number of gems that you should get but didn’t get.

- If you still need help with this issue or want to claim compensation, submit a ticket to Our support will then process your inquiry. Please note that to the high number of requests, it might take some time until your issue is being taken care of.


Thank you for your understanding.