Achievement Rewards

Why is the reward for calling X number of troops the same when each troop has different cost?

Reward for 5k cannon should be greater than 5k archer.

Agreed. Also, should have a super achievement reward for summoning 5k monster troops. Better be 500 gems or more though


Anyways, here’s where you can suggest things

I would even appreciate if there was ANY reward for summoning monster troops! Currently, there isn’t even an achievement for that… 


Also, the “beat XY attackers” achievement has a hilariously low reward. Currently (lvl 86 king, actively playing since over half a year) I haven’t even completed half of it despite trying, but the reward is only 5 gems, which is nothing. Compared to the “reach king lvl 80” achievement’s reward, this one should be 1-2k gems at least, seriously… 



Moved to suggestions, edited title to be more meaningful. 

Over this they should add quests for spawning Monsters (Ogre, Mummy, Werewolf, Gargoyle), and good amount of reward like 1000-2000 gems for the gold achievement !

Achievements for monster spawning should be added definitely, yes.