Achievements required for one time offers

What are the conditions to receive one time offers?

If throne room offers depend on the level of the throne room, I thought that one time offers depend on the level of my king because I received Nidhogg (unfortunately only one, so I couldn’t donate to my alliance) at level 85, 20k pearls at level 90, and Growl (in this case they were 4) at level 95. But , after I reached level 100 (more than 10 days ago), I’m still waiting for my next one time offer but I haven’t received it yet (while one of my generals of my alliance received another one time offer with Fritz + pro tickets when he was at level 99).

What do one time offers depend on?

Are there other conditions?

Some one time offers are pushed when new pals come out (just look at the new fritz pal) all of sudden many got the pop up of fritz offer. Other one time offers are randomly picked, i guess? With a daily chance of 25% to come out.

All types of offers here:

You get Gem discounts when you haven’t bought them in a while. I was buying the “one time offers” instead of gem packages and got a 50% off deal.

I received more times 5 super chests discount (when I reached level 100, I posseded more than 20k gems before the Advisor’s Choice), but I received also +20% gem packages and small discount (maximum about 30-31%) gem packages. However, I preferred not to buy them (also because 5 super chests discount is useless if the level of my king is lower than 105). In my opinion, one time offers (and also throne room offers) are a true business because I can buy not only gems, but often pals (to help my alliance), super items, and sometimes pro tickets and pearls.

The 50% off the 20k gems offer is awesome.  It’s one of the best ones I got. The Uber chest offer is a good deal if you’re lazy like me. You can fill your chamber selling them or hold them till next blacksmith event. Those chest will never expire.

I haven’t received my next one time offer yet, so I bought 20k gems with 50% discount, I spent about 6k gems to maximize my  5 remaining spells (I would have needed another month) and to fill once my chamber of treasure (my battery was almost discharged and in the other cases I opened all my chests). This evening my throne room will reach level 10 (I’m the only in my alliance with throne room at level 9, all the others can participate at Pro League and some of them advised to upgrade my throne room). Can I participate at “Dragon Cup” Pro League season or do I have to wait the next Pro League season?

I think you will have to wait till next one if you upgrade as after the event started.

Actually I can already participate (I took another pro ticket).

Not quite on topic but I’d rather like to know the conditions to NOT recieve offers (like that “get that useless armor at a superb price” on login. Don’t want this crap, go away! :angry: ).