Active alliance

Hi I’m looking for a active alliance to join.

Pls post more specific details,lol.u not gonna join with this kinda posting,aren’t u?post ur ign or ur details or ur requirement

Don t know any active alliances… Only know non active ones

if your under level 40 and donates 10k and under well join the DARK KNIGHTS TWIN.

If your over level 40 and donates 20k and up well join the [DARK KNIGHTS]

leader of DARK KNIGHTS TWIN : Darren345

leader of [DARK KNIGHTS] : Darren795

Join Empire of Flatsch, we are only recruiting active members. Who doesnt fight has to leave the alliance…so we are always active!


Join [Magicians Unite], we have been winning Alliance wars, and need more members.

See you there.



please try to classify more about your king