We need elite blockade :slight_smile: Insert other media

Flare can’t activate elite boosts coming from nowhere. They only do when they announce that boost will come as next war boost.

You must wait Aether post the next survey. People chose what they want with a survey you cannot just come here and ask Can you activate this or that,etc…

You must follow this topic normally new survey after each War Season :


You did it again!

No, you are wrong! Of course, he may ask for whatever he wants.

It’s not you, who command others, what they are allowed to ask, write, read, answer, …!

And no, there is not a survey every war season!

It all depends on how you interpret what Warrior posted. 

You seem to have taken it as him issued a command,  I take it as him telling a poster the only way that it could possibly happen.

??? O.O someone know why this guy write that??? this morning its the confusing at the full power. nevermind

I don’t know how you have interprete my answer :blink: