Active player looking for a new home

Storm Knightmana: English speaking from the mid west EST daily player from 7am 10 am

I am Level 78

Tower level at 2k 

Really active in all event ninja,war pvp pve ect.

I play in a small guild ATM where I am a general. This is the only alliance i’ve been in. Looking for a ACTIVE guild/Alliance with elite boosts. Higher ranking players to help with advice,equips ect… looking to fight in all wars and events. add me on friends in game to if we are a good fit. Or post here. 

Tiger Army 2017 would be happy to welcome you onto our team.

We currently have the following Elite Boosts available 24/7 permanent: Power Archer, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Range Bomber & Storm Cannon

Also usually have a mix of boosts from War, Conquest & Pro

We also offer level 1 Phoebe Beast and are working towards level 2.

Currently in Veteran Scout level of Conquest and have never failed to get full rewards. Very active in War and Ninjas.