active player (with a brain ^^) looking for good alliance


I started the game 1 week ago. I am ascension level 33, with 1600 trophies. I will not freeze my ascension level (i feel some players are doing this on that game).

Looking for an alliance with good gold buff and benedictions. (already tried 2 alliance: first one too weak, second one with a bad leader using only one benediction… I just figured during last war how benedictions are powerfull :p)

French/english fine for me.

I am beginner, but a fast learner.



You’re probably too low for my team ( Dorsetshire) , but we are very relaxed and  happy to help, we have experienced players looking after things and lots of blessings running, have a look.

Hi, your alliance seems fine to me. Maybe you can invite me ?

What is your level requirement?

 I  am active to so you want to share your titan code message me.

my code:


but i m kinda stuck with a “open 2 titan chest” quest, screwing me. I have 4 chest waiting for completed quest :s


No more alliance offer :s ? i m still in my bad alliance :s

Level 40- 1741 trophies now.