Active playing King looking 4 Alliance

Hello guys,


im looking for an alliance, it would be nice if its in the Top 50 in the ranking,


i will actively participate in wars and chat

Level almost 78

i have between 3600 - 3700 trophies

Tower 8 almost 9

Languages: german, italian, english

IGN: xxSoulBladexx


Send me a PM or an ingame invite, or answer this topic :grinning:

Join us Rising Warriors our Rank only 280 27% gold boot 8 % tax we very active in game and in war we alway first in war plus we only make this alliance like only around 2 1/2 months old(new alliance)

Greetings United We Stand is at 201 on the Leaderboards with a 30% gold boost and 9% tax bonus.  We’re currently full at the moment with 28/28 members but if you’re interested I can try and make space for you.  We’re looking for loyal members to help Us rise to Our goal of top 100s on the Leaderboards.  We have 24/7 boosts of a certain troop during Wartime and We’re very active, chatty, and helpful as a community.  Message myself of Dena4 if you have any questions or concerns.  Fight on with your mighty Blade of Souls!

Join Open Team, the most developing team ever…glad to tell you there are spots available in our alliance, we prefer boosting at every weekends and continuously during the war…So if you wanna join the alliance by the greatest diversity with bunch of fun, You are heartily invited to join us .

Our current rank in leaderboards - 211

And there is already a 500k donator here, some high level players like stanpa, Fii Nami, _fliz has a baby account in this alliance ,We all will help you in making your base the perfect one… So join my Open Team alliance by putting up a thread in Open Team alliance recruitment page or just simply apply for it in the game… :slight_smile:

We are not full (29/30) at the moment ,so you have the golden chance to join it, and we have 19 fiefdoms ,8% tax bonus ,28% gold bonus and a bunch of chatters here…

I had asked you because your king stats cross our baseline requirement…

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Warm Regards




My level is now almost 81


Tower  (150k)


You could try us. Fighting Irish. All mid level active players. Nothing too serious we win most of our wars and are climbing. Have a nice vibe, i am irish and lead it. You would be a general and a vital contributor.

Defenders of Freedom has a few open slots right now. When full we rank around #50 (currently #65). We have players from around the world, but we try to communicate in English. We boost a lot during wars, and we are constantly testing each other’s bases.

Dear SouldBlade,


Are you still looking for alliance ? If you still do that, you can join us . This is some infomation abt my alliance - C.I.A.

  • The alliance is ranked at 31 now
  • We have 52/53 active members 
  • Gold bonus : 48 %
  • Alliance level : 50
  • We have a lot of elite boost : blazing knight,cannon,power archer and something else…
  • Only speak English

We always welcome you ! :slight_smile:



Level 82


Tower 10 :grinning:

reached Level 83

about 3.9k - 4k trophies


and working with 9 little friends on my defence buildings :wink:

You are currently a member of an alliance ranked #34 globally, wth 50 people, and a top ranked player as a leader. Why continue to post in this thread?

My Level is 88 now


Tower is maxed (500k)


Trophies 4.6k+