Active with 24/7 boosts!

Pantin Pandas is now accepting all members! We pride ourselves on everyone participating in our alliance wars and even when we are out matched we still pull together for a solid and strong team! We stay regular in chat too for a stronger bond!


We are currently keeping our boosted knights +90% health for almost double normal health and +90% fire damage for almost double the normal damage! We consistently use other boosts as well!! (mostly during wars).


The only requirements is that you continue to grow in power in strength in order to benefit the team!

We also are very strict on alliance war participation. Not fighting in our wars will result in a kick from the alliance.

Finally is donations! We ask that you level up your alliance tower high as possible, but currently have not minimum.

Donations are a must in order to keep the knights and other boosts active


Forgot to say, but our knights are always boosted 24/7! We do numerous other boosts as well, but boosted knights are always on!