Activesknights wants YOU to join our Family!

Hello Royal Revolt Superstars!


Our team, activesknights is searching for active players to join our friendly alliance. We are very laid back and talkative and like to have a lot of fun, after all this is a game and we treat it like one. That being said, we do take our events seriously and play as a united team and win almost every time which gives us a lot of treasure chests and with you onboard, you will have them as well.

We DO NOT have any crazy and intense rules; you will find that almost all other teams do. These intense rules that the other alliances have are not any fun at all. If you do not follow them, they will yell and kick you out. Gross, who wants to be a part of an alliance like that? Nobody!

We are all about team work and making sure you succeed as a player. We are a family that treats each other with great respect. We celebrate birthdays and always congratulate each other when we level up. Again, we are a family that cares about your personal growth in the game. We offer our many years of knowledge to you as many of us have been playing for 4 years or more. Our top priority is to find players that are active regardless of their player level. Whether you are a player level 15 or 115, we will welcome you with open arms! Also, as a bonus, any players that joins from this posting will immediately be made a Sergeant.

Now, thanks to our team’s hard work, I get to brag about our Alliance’s accomplishments:

Rank: 379 (as of October 16, 2019.)

Level: 52 (Consistently leveling up the alliance thanks to the extra donations made by some of the alliance members.)

Defense Beasts: Level 2 Celestial Phoebe (close to level 3), level 7 Primal Howl and Twisted Archimedes, level 6 Primal Growl/Vicious Bucky/Untamed Kaiser, 11 beasts in total.

Permanent Elite Boosts: Power Archer, Tough Barricade, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre and Storm Cannon.

Conquest Stronghold Buildings: Alliance Headquarters level 8, Builder’s Quarters level 8 (8 builders), Stone Depot level 8, Troop Quarters level 7, University level 7.

Conquest Tier: Our next Conquest places us in Veteran Explorers with a score of 320.

Conquest Misc. Information: Most of our players have Conquest buildings level 3 and above with the top players having level 8 Stronghold buildings. During Conquest we make sure to find a role for all players regardless of level and abilities. Conquest is a great event and we make it fun for everyone on our team!

Spoken Language: English but we have many nationalities in all different time zones.

So, does this sound like something you would like to be part of? Not only an amazing team but a family. An alliance that you can come into multiple times a day and feel embraced no matter who you are. Search for activesknights and join us. No application is required so come on in. Or, if you would like to know more first, friend me or one of my Generals below and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have:

Leader: .King Tony
General: Sir Snoodboodle
General: Gobstopper

Thanks for taking the time to read our message. Even if you choose another alliance to join (wrong choice :wink:) have a great time playing Royal Revolt 2. It’s an amazing game but the people you play with make it an even better game and our alliance has the best people you can ask for! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you soon.

.King Tony