Activity Status feature in Conquest - in need of improvement?

I did not say I hated it, I said it was not useful as it works.  What if someone sets to high then forget to reset it to break or normal.  Does it reset if they log off or log off for 10 hours?  It is just as easy for me to see when someone last logged on as well as notice how active they are by where they are on the map,  attacks in wars and such.    Most active players will say, where do you need me or where do I go.    

The activity status was an interesting idea on paper, but it does not work in actual gameplay. It’s not useful at all.

I don’t get it. Why someone should change it during Conquest? At the beginning you set it high in green and don’t touch it until the end of the Conquest. Why you should change it? the next conquest you do the same set it high in green and let’s this until the end during 5 days. You change it only if during Conquest suddenly you got a family visit or be busy elsewhere but if you are free for 5 days then you don’t have to touch it. I think you don’t understand well this feature. Anyway i don’t know why this feature upset you so much. Its concern only Leader and Generals. If you are soldier. I don’t see the point to be upset by this little feature who just help them during Conquest.

Obviously we have different point of view on this. I don’t see well how someone can find it useless.No clue

I appreciate this feature really much and I thanks Flare to add it. If I was a general or leader I will use it a lots non stop to know which members are active and will tell to my members to use it (obligatory). Green if you are active and free, white if you come 1 time per day and red if you not.Simple like that

I appreciate the alliance where I am use it a lots. leader and generals give order the majority of time to the one active only. The one in green and don’t lose time with others

If the majority of player don’t use it its weird. I would like to have this feature in majority of my online game i play. Will be a lifesaver. Really awesome this feature. to know who I kick for not be active and who I keep

It does not help me even one bit. Zero.

I’m a general and I don’t even look at the status color.

ok yeah I understand you don’t use it but this don’t means its useless because you have decided not to use it. Probably a lots use it. Its like the one who said each events are useless because they are level 130 all maxed. Its not because its not useful to you that those events are for everyone. Events helps low and medium to develop. the same thing here. its not because for you its useless it is for everyone in the game. You are a exception maybe on 100k-150k players

I believe many generals use it and maybe 80% of players use it.

My guess is most don’t use it and a fair number don’t even understand it. As a general, I don’t factor it into my decisions in my flag orders (which are only semi-useful too). I’d bet most don’t know they can change it, or remember to do so when it might be appropriate.

Hello, I have moved some comments from the thread below into this thread, because the OP’s question was answered and an interesting discussion about the activity status itself evolved. Please keep going :slight_smile:


So how is setting your activity level to high and leaving it there helpful?    Do you stay at a high activity level the entire 5 days and never sleep or go to work/school?  Also if that is how you use it, why is there a need for the other settings?    It should simply be  I am going to play or I am not going to play with no need for a tiered setting.  

Thinking of which that would be nice to have prior to the start of the game -  Have an alert   Going to play conquest  - Yes / No.     Then Generals would know who to assign troop at the start.     

As far as issuing commands to a player - I often look at the board and find the closest to where I need someone and use the commands to get them to move.    I know they are active because they have moved.     You also get a feel for players Time of Day to Play.   

I am sorry but this feature as it stands it pretty useless,   I can see if they are online in chat and can check basic activity in the alliance member list.   We find it better to use sticky notes. for bot general instructions as well as individual instructions.   



I think you could remove activity setting and it wouldn’t change a single thing in any alliance’s plans/strategy, how flag orders are issued or received, how alliances issue commands to players, how they try to pin other teams down (or how they try to avoid being pinned), who’s going to move to build a tower or any other factor in Conquests.

So yes, @Madlen   it currently a feature without any real or useful function.    

  1. It could be used pre-conquest to indicate the likelihood of playing so Generals could know who to assign troops.  
  2. It could be used by the player to indicate he is on-line and wanting to boost his energy regeneration for a short period.    Similar to how we boost taverns or farms but limit the use but many players have a window of time when they play so running out of energy is a real drag. 
  3. If set to resting for a period of time when you wake you get maybe 125% of normal energy,  maybe 5% more for each hour set to resting with no movement with a max of 125%.  If you move or attack while resting then reset to normal for X hours.
  4. When active you get 150% energy regeneration for 2, 3 or 4 hours max and can use 1 time per day or once every 8 hours.   There could be a waiting period if you come out of rest early and have +100% energy already and must be below 25% energy to boost.  

These are just some of my early thoughts on how this could be a feature.  


Not to branch this too much but it was mentioned that this was intended to be able to know who to assign orders too.  Since I have never been on the receiving end of an order,  I have a few questions. 
How does the player receive the order?    

Let’s say I give an order to move to AA26 because there is an opponent there but the opponent moves prior to the teammate logs on?   Meaning the orders could be a little more verbose in saying a couple of things IMHO.  

Go to tile AA26 and   

  1. wait to build a tower
  2. attack player in that area
  3. defend area / tower /join war 
  4. Scout area.   

How do we get confirmation that a player performed assignment?  Can they also signal that they found something of interest, an enemy in the area or resource?  If they do signal does it go to all Sergeants, Generals or just the one that gave the order, or post that signal to sticky notes?  

Thanks for the discussion, would be cool to get more thoughts from others as well. :slight_smile:

I have forwarded this thread already though, I think these are some cool ideas.