Activity Status... Shows up nowhere?

Okay, so I can set my Activity Status to: Low, High, Normal, Break…

But where does it show up?

How can I tall what someone else’s status is?

As leader, you can see it on the color of the little flag when you give someone an order. Just click on the tile of a teammate, then on the right side you see the activity (color of the flag)

Oh, that’s what it is! 

I’m a general. 

I see those colors too.

Who actually uses it and changes their status?    
It seems like this setting could be more useful.  Set to High and it last maybe 2 hours to build more energy then reset to break.   This features seems like teets on a bore hog to me as it stands.

this function is not suppose to do that. Activity status its just to allow General and Leader to know who is active and who is not. There is no benefit in this feature than that. So if you activity status reset to break there is a problem or a bug you got. I use it since 4.0 and I set in green and stay always in green in high. So no clue what you talk about

Edit : Apparently we must be more clear when we talk. I talked about the break,low,normal and high status of course

This is wrong information.

There are 4 statues a player can choose to symbolize how high his activity in the Conquest is currently: break, low, normal, high.

This is to show the generals/leader if they can “plan” with the player or not.


I believe there is a status where Generals/Seargeants cannot use the Orders feature, right?

its exactly what I have said

No you have misunderstood me completly. If return read my post I answer to UncleTH whne he said : Set to High and it last maybe 2 hours to build more energy then reset to break

He meanings when he set his Green high status that last for only 2 hours and build more energy and after reset to red ‘‘Break’’

this informations was totally wrong and I answer : Activity Status is only to allow General/leader who is active and who is not. The status don’t give benefit or change by himself.

PS : take time to read all conversation carefully next time. Thanks :grinning: . Nevermind. We will not pass all days on this. We will say you mind still on vacation lol and you don’t have read correctly :slight_smile: its Monday so… need coffee maybe…

Actually… I understood the exact same thing as Madlen lol

Maybe it’s because you said “problem or a bug” but you meant something like: “The user sets it’s status to ‘break’ since he doesn’t have availability to play”

weird… I don’t know why everyone interprete wrong this morning. yes I said a problem or a bug because its impossible the activity status change himself after 2 hours like UncleTh mention. if its the case its a bug. I don’t see other word then that sorry

PS : its possible its me too who interprete wrong what he said its possible lol

What I was saying is the setting is pretty useless as a feature.  I was kind of suggesting an enhancement.     In my description, you suggest that if it worked that way it would be a bug.  


I don’t see why you find this feature useless. That allow General/Leaders which of their teammate they can count on during Conquest. If the majority are in white or some in red. If by example I set it on green. that why leaders and generals will ask me to help them and join them during War battles. So I don’t see any improvement needed. this feature have only one function nothing else help Leaders and Generals

I take i guess but I think if you hate and find it useless I think its because you are in a alliance where your leaders/generals don’t use it. So that why. In my alliance my leader and generals use it a lots and give order to the one in green

Hi there, because the OP’s question is answered, which was about the question where the activity status shows up, and this has developed into a discussion whether the activity status could be improved I have moved the comments in question in an extra thread :slight_smile: