Add a castle assistant to farm for u

How about FG adds a feature where for an amount of gems u can hire an assistant (for a week or something) to farm your production units when they reach max storage and collect pet chests when u r too busy to log in ? (I state the pet chests and not the promotional chests because u r not required to watch a vid to collect them)


Good idea on paper. A kind of auto collect in offline mode? however I don’t think its really a good idea because you will make more people don’t play RR2. RR2 is already in dead state and the gold issue is a huge problem. So if you add a auto collect feature in offline mode. No one will come and log anymore. Maybe 1 time a day for 10 minutes maybe or less. the main reason no game have this kind of feature its because you will kill a game with this. Everyone who are active will become inactives and inactives one will become more inactives,etc…

U have a point :slight_smile: …but…consider how good it d be for lazy players like me that want to log in just to fight …and not to collect resources and chests (I find it SUCH a drag!!!)

…I wish the assistant would also auto-donate to the alliance too!!!