Add a meltdown button in the Granny shop


Please add a meltdown button in this purchase screen.

I really want to buy items from Granny, but I can’t because my inventory is full (and I can’t get rid of anything there right now).

A meltdown button here would really speed things up.

I’d love a button that’d melt Granny. She’d finally be good for something.

yep, losing you 990k gold for 3 pearls, that sounds about right lol

It should be far cheaper to get her evicted or otherwise removed. I can’t imagine a king that would tolerate such a person on his premises, nevermind support one.

I just had an event idea: Zombie Granny! She spawns as you raid and takes away the gold you’d normally win (and then some) or something. Consider for an april fools prank?

I have no use for 990k gold. I’ve had 15mil for the past 3 days with barely nothing to upgrade.

I really really need pearls tho. If you get 20 pearls (not 3) lots of times you’ll end up with thousands of them.

It’s worth it.

Sure, yeah. Different people have different opinions :slight_smile: