Add a news and updates popup on login!!

Decided to put this here instead of general. I can’t even understand how this game doesn’t have a welcome banner when you login with news and updates. It’s such an obvious important part of any game and this is the first online mobile game ive ever seen that doesn’t have it. For example, you changed the trophy defense number yesterday, don’t you think it would be nice if people actually knew this? No one uses forums, just look at your numbers. 30,000 plus reviews on ios alone which means easily theres 100,000+ people playing this game and only 300 posts in forum. No one wants to go to the announcement forum to feel like the developers are active. 


Just to clarify this point: the change has been made over time, it didn’t happen suddenly, the result of the overtime changes might just have been felt recently :grinning:

Sure but all updates and news should be in game. No one uses the forums. Every game has a welcome banner when you log in. 

I do agree that some notification should be sent out with recent changes/updates/events etc

however I wouldn’t suggest it be a pop up as many players would just quickly exit out of it without reading. I would like to see it in a mailing system (once it’s hopefully set-up) that way players have access to it at all times and they can go back and reference it if need be