Add a non-Alliance Wars server

Flare, a lot of us are sick of the Alliance Wars for various reasons. I think that this post pretty much sums up my, and many others’, feelings about Alliance Wars:

"Sn1kt, on 11 Jun 2015 - 10:30 PM, said:

My *personal* position is more radical. I’d prefer Alliance Wars were scrapped entirely! I liked RR2 best when they new content and units were last added (in 1.4). But, that’s besides the point here.

That’s my full position as well. In the lower alliances, the War Boosts, and the way that you can seemingly only win every other war, creates a situation wherein half of the time, the game is too easy, and the other half, the game is impossible. Furthermore, in having to buy many boosts to defend ourselves effectively against others who buy many boosts, growth feels practically nonexistent, completely taking the thrill out of alliances. They should add a non-Alliance Wars server…"

In addition, top alliances often see the same people over and over again, making it to where there’s no real mystery to the Alliance Wars for many people. It’s just a simple, “Awe, we can’t beat them” or “Yay, we can beat them! =D Though we can already prolong the boosts just with gold…”

Although many people still enjoy Alliance Wars, there are many of us who think that it’s completely ruined the game. At both the bottom levels and at the top. If you would, please allow us to transfer our accounts to a server that doesn’t have Alliance Wars, but rather, hands out the new boosts based on Alliance Level (or not at all). Also, to allow people to use this server simply to take a break, it would be nice if we had the option to switch to the other once every 30 days. This would allow people much-needed breaks, without allowing people to take 1-season breaks while their fiefdoms cool down. Gotta have some deterrent in there. I believe that this would revitalize the game for some of us (whom, I’ll admit, are just logging on for the daily alliance donation at this point

They have already problem with their servers, sometimes, let picture what could happen adding more server that make you crash more lol

I think if they can pull it off, this would work out realy well! You’ve had some really good ideas Ovoneus, but this is probably the best one I’ve read. Alliance Wars can sometimes feel like a chore, especially if you get matched out of your league and stomped into the ground… It would be nice if players got to decide if they want to participate or not.

Not just participation, but in who we’re matched up against, as well. If I choose not to participate in Alliance, I’d like not to be matched against those who did, because then there’d be no one to raid.