Add a shield to Ariadne


Every time I have to do the odyssey with Ariadne I split a device.

I start and I have to use invocations … and die … resuscitate … and die … resuscitate … and die … and throw the phone on the wall.

I ask:

  1. The addition of a shield to Ariadne

  2. Compensation to the flaregames of 1,000,000 gems for breaking three phones

  3. The immediate isolation of Arianna on a new island named Sant’Elena

Join me for a class action ?

If you have plenty of time, go read FG ToS:


Or just hit AP and fire away cause she’s badass. 

My Ariadne dies easily with AP.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Sometimes you have to babysit her at the start of a match, but once you have a monster army she usually rolls. 

I ask for the same thing for Artemis… I can handle Ariadne ? 


Do you think it’s possible to joke? Or can a dispute arise? We could talk then about the ***** of angels …

Hello d9d9,

We can take a joke here no worries. (Although we are German :stuck_out_tongue:

But let’s try to keep it constructive as well :grinning:

Yes please give shield to all non shield bearers. Please, Please, Please madlen to make them strong and playable???

Current non-shield bearers should be given a 3rd arm. 

I think the censorship here makes it sound MORE dirty! ?


In addition to giving gems to everyone whenever they start a battle, am I right? :grinning:

On a serious note, thats the game we play, no shields, no changes. Maybe tweak a bit some weak heroes. 

Thats the whole point, have some differences and difficulty.


Of course, but let me have some fun as well :slightly_frowning_face:

How many gems? LoL


This is my Ariadne at the moment.

Apart from the two apples and boots that are unique, I have not forged the other objects in five stars and probably for my level is certainly weak.

The battle style of Ariadne, given her specific powers, is an accumulation of command to shoot troops, escaping forward, avoiding towers and enemies.

I only use Arianna when it happens in the Odyssey and then I put it in an island with parking space for handicapped people (no offense because I’m joking).

It has no shield and is naturally vulnerable and must avoid confrontation.

So I wonder what can you do with a pair of boots (Asterione) that petrify opponents?

Give in its place a new attribute of invisibility or invulnerability (momentary) or a new power that allows it to invoke Dionysus in his help that protects her momentarily.

However, there are also 20 gems as a gift bestowed at the beginning of each game! ?

What are you using for spells and troops?

@d9d9 You can see my Ariadne’s setup below. Poison resistance (can’t dodge that). Fire resistance (need to kill/stun the troop-killer towers, i.e. Iapetos). Other than that I can pass a corner with 3 max Paris towers with dodging and troop management (att/def mode, portal drop, Pheme+Bia at right moments). No need for Physical resistance since she’s the best troop killer (without use of power) and you should put her behind  the GK, right? All my units are still 2-3 levels from max (relatively new player, I was at level 115 two months ago, before the new levels came). 

Ariadne is very OP, because you can fight way above your level with her, as long as you can keep her alive. She’s my best war hero (and I can score 90K+ VP in war). When I raid I don’t even care to equip her with invocation since at worst I’d have to ignore some GK of the TL, no way I’d spend gems for that +1 trophy.

Long story short, add a shield to Ariadne and she’d break the game. Just like Dumpster said, you just need to babysit her a few steps when the battle starts, the just hit that AP button and take the control back when you reach the bridge ?. 

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@Marinien has Ariadne set up properly. Expertly, actually. @d9d9…yours looks like a random assortment of gear. Im not at all surprised that you have trouble with her. Yes, you have two apples. No, Ariadne doesn’t need potency. 


Thanks for your suggestions. I really needed that!

Why Hercules is so strong and other non Shield heroes’ are so weak in comparison to him :slightly_frowning_face:

Madlen I only see players using hercules defeating me.

Even zeus and hades can’t beat my defense easily.

So I hope developers either nerf Hercules or make other non shield heroes steonger.