Add a shield to Ariadne

the answer is simple i guess. Shield Heroes have more resistance so its more easier in a hard base. Can have 3 resist at same time or more. Non shield Heroes need close huge Life on Hit to survive because of lack of resist. Ariadne by example I have no choice to give her life on hit everywhere for 5K because 0% resist everywhere. 27% Fire and like 30% Lightning. Really weak.Without that she die 3 times in 2 minutes. Prometheus seem the same and Odysseus,etc… 

the Non shield Heroes for me give me resources on islands

Shield Heroes its the first I up at level 20. More easy to defeat really hard boosted base without too much problem

that make lack of gameplay in this game. Non shield level 1-80. Shield Heroes 80-150. the game is more designed like this

My base start to make fail non shield heroes, all shield heroes beat my base. in majority I don’t know why everyone with Odysseus fail

@Marinien e @dumpster


I changed set-up to Arianna.

Dumpster, do you think this or that of Marinien is better? From the first tests it seems more effective this …

That looks great!

@d9d9 There’s no “best” setup ?. You take whatever you feel better because everyone has his/her style and it can’t be easily copied. I think that I can do fine with your setup because it’s close to mine and you have her unique boots on that setup. One day when I have resource to refine her vest for double resistance I’ll use her unique boots for stun (then I’d reach ~70% stun which means GK disabled). Anyway, the main idea with Ariadne is use her to kill the troops and the troop-killer towers, and let the troops protect her (Spearmen who run around) and kill the hero-killer towers. Your Ariadne has slightly more leadership than mine so you should be able to beat any base with her. I don’t even remember the last time I lost with Ariadne because at worst I can ignore the GK, and Ariadne is THE hero who can easily ignore the GK ?.