Add Boost info in Alliance

I don’t remember if this suggestion was made in the past. Anyway its gonna be a life savior to know what the alliance use. When I want to join a alliance. Never know what they have and its really a huge problem. Jumping alliance to alliance just to find what you looking for its not really awesome

Here is a example from my alliance in Olympus Rising

Here a another one with all the boost

so in Royal Revolt 2 its gonna be a life savior if we can see in Alliance Overview what Boost the alliance use. Will avoid jumper players

on the left you have Blessing Boost (Elite Boost) and on the right War Boost


To be honest, that kind of behaviour is the opposite of awesome.

Just pick an alliance, see if you’re a good fit and stay there.

The alliance boosts don’t matter. Sometimes your alliance will be able to get them and sometimes they won’t. That’s the reality for every single alliance in the game, even the top3.


Having said that… I like your suggestion. It wouldn’t hurt to showcase all the active boosts in the alliance screen.

This feature in Olympus Rising its just awesome. its the main reason we don’t have any jumper. Jumper is not a word we know there because we don’t have this problem. This alliance overview screen help leader and general to attract more easily players

Maybe for some person boost are not important but what I notice since 4 years boost seem very important to everyone. If someone at level 55 join a medium alliance and have only Blazing Knight. Dont ask why the player leave 2 minutes after he join.

So for me its something very obligatory today with all the boost we have : Elite,War,Special,Conquest,Pro,etc…

Probably just one problem for RR2 its we have more boost than OR. With imagination Flare can create something like Elite on the left. War Boost on the right. Just under elite create a second line add Pro in Blue and on the right under War Boost add Conquest in Green. so personal on the left and Alliance Boost you gain on the right

I just think about something wonderful. Just pop up in my head few minutes ago during I cleaning my house. That will solve the problem with all the boost and will not copy too much OR

Add a yellow button in side of donate name Boost. When we click on it

When you click on Boost can look like the Celestial Boost with the list of Active Boost (0:20)

there will be a beautiful page who appear in blue or black whatever Active Boosts

can have War Boost and all the icons. Pro boost and all icons. Conquest boost and all icons and special Boost and all icons and Elite boost and all icons

Like this :


X,X,X,X,X,X (Red)


X,X,X,X,X (Blue)


X,X,X,X,X,X (Red)


X,X,X,X,X,X (Purple)


X,X,X,X,X,X,X (Green)

Should be easy to do for Flare

That’s a really nice idea. Currently, though there is absolutely no space in the Alliance Info screen so we would need to check and do a mock-up first and maybe even redesign the alliance screen. Not sure if this is something that can be done easily. But I will forward your idea of course, I agree that it would be useful. :slight_smile:

Moving this to interesting ideas.

After consideration and internal discussion we had to decide against the idea. Thank you though!