Add characters from other FG games as pets

I got a suggestion that may sound as cross selling to some people.

How about FG introduces as pets  characters from other FG games? for example, u could take as pet the missile bot from dawn of steel (want to guess what its special attack will be?) or hercules from Olympus Rising!!!..or maybe …even…chuck norris??? (would that be too much???) 

I d like to see how FG will make Chuck Norris …as a Primal beast defending a castle…hmmmmmm…but that d be unfair because he d instant kill everything.

I got a few Chuck Norris jokes for RR2 too.

Chuck Norris can turn a ballistic tower to stone in a staring contest,     Chuck Norris can instant kill a max level castle gate with a lv.1 STUN spell , when Chuck Norris raids a castle the defence waves run the opposite way,    when Chuck Norris says FREEZE!!!..even frosters freeze to death,   Ogres can outrun wolves when Chuck Norris is chasing them,    Wolves howl because Chuck Norris stepped on their toes,        the attack tent un-summons units when Chuck Norris is defending the castle,   When you attack a castle you get an instant Retreat when Chuck Norris is defending it,  When u choose Chuck Norris as pet he is walking with your player next to him on a leash,    When Chuck Norris’s life bar hits zero everything else dies,   …I could go on forever like this :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lol, the idea isn’t great, but all of those Chuck Norris jokes were too much  

Chuck Norris is way too OP. Not a defense in the world could stand against such power!

Yeap u r right… 

                    … there s no way any company would ever dare to design a video game with Chuck Norris as a " Pet ", if he find out he d roundhouse everyone to Mars !!!


Did u know that Chuck Norris went to Mars once? …thats why there r no signs of life there (this one isnt mine)