add check box tagging for all inventory gear

This is a simple addition …

Basically allow players to tag a item or multiple items in inventory.

Then in Blacksmith the tagged items can be seen and melted.

Basically once you get a lot of slots 60+ and you have reforged items so multiples of the same and then a third it gets messy and difficult.

This way as you identify items you don’t want you can tag for later melting or selling.

So you can manage your gear in throne room and easily melt in blacksmith.


Maybe a bag where we can drop items in, that can be melted would be useful. Items assigned to a wardrobe automatically disappear from this bag and can’t be assigned to it.

With a single checkbox then we would be able to inform to melt down those items. Fortunately I don’t have lots of inventory slots (60???), but I can understand that once we have 100+ slots, it gets indeed hard to tell which items we want to keep and which can be melted down. 

Easy solution, just change the color of the item you need to melt, we have plenty much color and I m sure you have a color you don’t use.

Right you could do that but a simple check box is easy to implement.( and a one click process)

I Like @Dena4 Idea though I just think its too much work and as the wrong image display in BS is still there I doubt they have much time for this stuff.

So the addition of a check box like the multi-select for melt already implemented would be a easy change.

I am sure there are 20 different ways to do this but really I was thinking simple and easy to do and if its a ***** item just click to flag it.

Its a junk marker lol and you know why its there :grinning:



then you will need to wear it, then take it off. this is not an easy solution

Look around, the things you need put them on your hero and change color the rest just let it be :slight_smile:  It is easy, just need to be organized 

Its a ok work around but that’s the point I think others and I are making.

Its a multistep process and also not everything can be changed colour so it doesn’t work for everything.

Its a mediocre  bandaid but still not easy or complete.

Also its a optional use thing so if you wish to invent your own process and not use a simple check box you could do that too?

(also my guess is you probably have 30 to 60 slots… many ppl have far more than that)

I just paint my items with that very ugly and hard to not notice full green color  :stuck_out_tongue:

Works good, but some kind of tag to mark items directly without having to equip and paint them would be nice