Add confirmation to use scrolls

Put a little pause after hitting scrolls buttons, with options to continue or cancel! and maybe a “don’t show this message again” for those who don’t have this problem:


At least 90% of the times I use the scrolls, it’s by accident!


I’m just trying to click forward to make the king go ahead faster and…  BOOOOM!!!..Meteors everywhere!


Happens a lot when I’m playing and other members of my alliance told me they have this problem too. Please think about it =)

Yup. I’d like to see this, too. That, or allow us to empty the scroll slots so we can’t use them.

I was just thinking about this because yesterday I used a scroll by accident!

Meh… Pauses messes me up in battle then I die

nah they can simply solve this by placing the scrolls on an other position in screen. but they wont . because they want us to use gems . you use em by accident . you cant claim em back cause you had profit from it they say . and if no more gems you need buy new ones / flare is only one way trafic . its me me me . like a little child with a lollypop. so no they wont change it because they can.


That’s why the OP suggested that it can be something you can turn on or off. Brilliant idea, really. I never really use scrolls.

yes this could be implemented to the entire offense selection not just scrolls.


maybe a quick reset button that returns all slots to the green plus sign for easy reselection

Agree that pausing would be annoying for everytime I actually wanted to use scrolls.


+1 to the option of just letting us take them out of the ‘scroll slots’. When Im whooping on the same few bases from my favorites list, I dont need them things equipped anyways.

I have this problem too.

quite weird that I rarely press this scroll button by accident , maybe you guys doing it wrong ? drag you fingers , don’t click