Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

Every time when someone sends me friend request in game I need to ask him “Where’re You From” so his thing will help us to know where from a player is online ?

Yep, this has been suggested a couple times before, and it’s a good one too. It would help in recruiting, as you said. Usually you can already tell what language the player speaks just from his name, but this would still be useful. Maybe have two flags like alliances, in case some players speak more than one language

What awesomest said, we’ve been asking for this for years. Since before I came to this forum lol…

@GalaMorgane, please send this suggestion down to the devs. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees with this one, cause it’d be very useful. I don’t know why anyone would not like this suggestion

I don’t see why someone should be against this. The list of benefit is so long that I will not list them here. Ok maybe some

  • Life savior for Leader and General to recrute the right person

  • No more misunderstood on the chat. When a leader or general ask something everyone will be able to understand

  • Better experience in the game. People will want to play with their own nationality and form their own alliance


Yeah good idea for recruitment,


many countries flag color r almost same and in small icon with alli flag, they will seen same ,

And most the players don’t recognize the other countries flag , only players with familiar countries or with good general knowledge can.


You know google exist for this kind of task. If someone don’t know a flag. He have just to search on google. This way he will be more cultivate and will learn something new. Not fantastic? help leader and people in the game and allow at the same time to learn new stuffs. Fantastic. I don’t see any negative thing in this suggestion

This is a screenshot from a game I used to play here they are showing the flag of a player’s country & also the name of the country, so Flare can also add the name of country beneath the flag like that ?

They can add country name with the flag look at this screenshot :v:

Yups , that would be great 

If they shows the name of country and  other details also

Wow you have all info in this. Avatar.Level,the last time he be connected,country,what he do,etc… Flare please add this in RR2. Plus you can add history of each Event

Ninja Event by example name Cold Freeze : Ranking 45th

Ninja Event by example name Hot Summer : Ranking 12th

War Season by example name Hot mama : 3400 skulls (you will see he don’t participating much in War Season)

War Season by exmaple name Ouch my feet : 1200 skulls

League : Ranking 1st : 0 time Ranking 2-5 : 2 times Rankings 6-10 : 1 time Rankings 11-15 : 56 times

this will show this player don’t invest much. So leader will not invest time to recruit him

However if you find something like this :

Ninja Event Cold Freeze : Ranking 1st

Ninja Event Hot Summer : Ranking 1st

War Season Hot mama : 45,567 skulls

War Season Ouch my Feet : 41,233 skulls

Leagues : Ranking 1st : 72 times Ranking 2-5 : 55 times ranking 6-10 : 10 times Rankings 11-15 : 3 times

This will show this player is a golden bar. Leader must recruit him ASAP

Also that’s what I quoted in one of the topic of alli requirements

In pics its shows the win % , that’s also shown to us how active the players is.

Exactly :slight_smile:

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