i’m stil thinking if we have dogtags in evry username from the quest… i just want to add some style from the quest


King Joelie(Fashion King)

you start way too many forums for unneeded comments since there’s already a forum for suggestions

hi, did i make myself clear to u?

sorry for the pretty mean comment I just think you’re creating too many forums

I don’t know who u r?

almost no one knows who each other is so…

We aren’t in Batt******d 4

Btw where exactly would those achievement-based titles appear then?


All that other players see of your hero prominently is your name when they view your base preview.

For lists as highscore, tournament members, favorites, there’s just not enough space to display additional titles, so that’s quite the only place to display such a title.


And at least for me, that just seems not to be worth the effort in any way.

This game isn’t that much about boasting with your achievements, it’s more about letting your raiding skills and your defense speak for themselves! :grinning: