Add features on different landscapes

As title, i have a little suggestion that if flare can add features on different landscapes so that we can pick different landscape with different troops and towers accordingly. Mostly pick burning rocks because it is dark so difficult to see with low quality mobile phone.


Below is example, 

Burning rocks = 2% fire damage on attacker & 0% on defender

Haunted forest = 5% movement speed on attacker and 10% on defender

Northland = 2% slow (attack & movement) on attacker & 0% on defender

Highland Meadows = 5% regeneration on attacker & 10% on defender 

Christmas woods = 2% ice damage on attacker & 0% on defender

Golden desert = -5% regeneration on attacker & 0% on defender


Mostly 0% to defender because they use to the environment where they stay with.

Sorry for if anyone suggested this and for my bad english.






Old suggestion, never implemented.

Or may be 

Loot less gold , less or more medals ,etc

In diff LS

We have try in the past and make this suggestion after many reprise without success :slightly_frowning_face:

we have try for 2.0 or around. Nada. We have try for around 2.5. Nada. After we have stop try with this one like many we have suggested.

Maybe too much hard to be implemented.

It’s really not that hard to implement, shouldn’t take a good game developer more than an hour. Hell I could probably do it if I had the source code. Flare has other priorities apparently (to put it nicely) or they’re just lazy.

I say its hard not necessary just I take the example of custom keyboard button on Windows. CaptainMorgan have answer some idea sometime they wanted to add it but the code, The Windows version make those thing hard to work on it.I don’t remember exactly the answer but something like Microsoft don’t cooperate and don’t allow Flare team dev to implement stuffs like we want. If I find the post I will post it here

with Flare its hard to know if its the real reason behind the fact only 1% of idea are implemented or just they are lazy and sleep on their chair all day. Who know?

Here :

Have something to do with API,UWP and certification deny access,etc… I don’t understand all but seem complex

We continue to suggest and hope one day some suggestion will be added in game

Bugs with APIs are one thing, this is totally different. It would go like this

Function onBattleStart(){


If (biome = snowy) effect = [effect applied with snowy biome]


Function doThisEveryFrame(){

Apply the effect

Etc, etc


Not difficult. Even easier if you threw efficiency to the wind, which I’m sure flare doesn’t mind doing.