Add Hourly Bonuses

I’ve seen many multiplayer games having hourly bonuses of their currency, just like we have Gems in “Royal Revolt 2” 1 gem per day is not enough please add something more than that :v:

Everyone would wish this, but unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen.

Hell Yeah ?

Play good in proleague , u may win to rank 1 , don’t know when but u will one day , there u will get 50k.

Oh yeah I need to improve my pro league skills ?

*reread topic main post*

lol, I had a misunderstanding at first, but now I think I’ve got what you’re suggesting here. Can you just clarify, for me, what kind of bonuses are you talking about? Will it boost how many gems you get from the house? I mean, to be fair, we should be lucky to have that free gem lol, I can’t believe that flare would add that kind of feature into the game

Yeah I know flare won’t but giving them our ideas can change their minds lol

Lets clarify your question: I am talking about the 24h bonus which is only 1 gem I’ve seen 2-3 games which provides resources like gems to their player every half an hour or every hour, I thought flare should also add such bonus for us (Royal Revoltians)


I think he want like OR allow us to do gains like 7K+ a month and gains over 30k in few month to unlock all. In OR there a exploit you can gain 7K Gems a month just by exchange ingame gold for gems. The developer know it but lets it in the game. CaptainMorgan have said he want OR be 100% free. So many players have 60k gems and buy what they want : Heroes Pack,Progression Pack,Prolong celestial boost,etc… You do what you want

in RR2 I admit can be cool too to have something to gains more gems but I guess the difference with OR is we have League who give you 2000+ a month plus War Season chest, Defense,Quest. We have dungeon and tapjoy for the one on mobile. So if you are good in RR2 you can get 4000 gems a month

RR2 is ok like it is

If you are curious to see a game 100% free who rains gems look here ?:

Look the last post in the last page. Yep no no you don’t look wrong. You see well quest at 5K gems,20k and more. I think just in quest you have a total of 40k or 50k Gems if all complete. I don’t mention in defense,in chest,when you transform ingame gold in gems. When there is a bug and developer give us 2250 gems. Birthday chest who contains 2500 gems and so on…

I can understand RR2 players want more too. More gems,better rewards in quest

We jsut hope 4.0 will give us extra gems via building or else

This gem problem really only occurs in free players who play on a laptop. Free players with a tablet will automatically have the Tapjoy choice installed. Very easy to get free gems that way. My bro is playing on a tablet and already has 75k donations cause of Tapjoy! We need something similar to do this to make the game all around fair for free players

So… We have to pick up the lack of revenue from that game? I doubt that’s the case but if it is I’d be pissed as all hell.

OR have huge revenue. CaptainMorgan have answer me that do the inverse. The fact OR is totally 100% free who allow everyone to unlock all for free attract more the players to spend in the game. So he make huge money in a way. Because player like the game. NO P2W feature or whatever. So player buy pack or gems or whatever same if all is free

So that why I don’t see why RR2 cannot offer us more gems or more possibility to gain gems. I guess like I have think yesterday maybe its the lack of content the problem. In RR2 we use gems for only few thing : Alliance Tower,Blacksmith slots and Hero inventory. The rest its just for pro ticket and scrolls. So no huge stuffs. Maybe that explain the lack of gems.

in OR we must unlock all heroes slots at 750 gems and some at 900 gems. So for 14 heroes we need like over 10K gems without pack with pack less. Upgrade over 100 or 200 decorations maybe who need a total of over 5k or 10k gems. Prolong Celestial Boost,etc… So I guess its the main reason why we can get over 100k gems easily

Still I am convinced if RR2 team can stop to be stubborn and allow free player to gain more gems. Maybe they will make free player to spend money. Its business thing. You want something then give something in return. Sadly RR2 team still don’t have understand this after 4 years. Probably the main reason why the game drop 1 Million player below 10k today and are in a dead state over a year with just a little rope who just wait to fall down

That’s essentially my preferred business model for an app. Make the game fun for everyone, and reap the profits. And make sure you keep player’s goodwill. I think you’re overestimating the loss of players though but who knows (except flare, and they seem pretty content with net loss vs gain on players).

It’s possible a lot of the changes we’ve been asking for will make into 4.0; they did say that it was a massive update. Let’s see how that goes.

wait we do just that wait with RR2. Like 20 days to wait if no more. Its long

Agree. I personally believe this will be the last major update to RR2. But that’s just me.