add language change to English version

Hi there, I like this game and hope to discuss here more, but I’m stuck by too many unknown Nouns  because my game version is Chinese.

you know China game market is very big and I would like to introduce more my friends to join your family.


-Device of the affected player, 

I use iPhone X

-Operating system of the affected player

I use latest IOS

-Steps to reproduce the problem

I download from China APP market, only can read Chinese version, when I want to describe something in forum, I’m not familiar about the Noun of a lot of thing.

etc: if I don’t know Hydra. maybe I can only call her Snake…

-Providing as much information and details as possible will help us to categorize and fix problems as soon as possible (for example video material or screenshots).

to give me option of change my game version to English so I can understand all the nouns of this game.

it’s really hard to get all correct Nouns from a non-English speaker 


I mainly use an Android tablet and sometimes I have to switch between French and English in the language settings to know the exact names.

You can do the same on the iPhone:



As Tomaxo stated correctly, you can switch languages in your phone settings.

Since this is not a bug, I am locking this thread.

Have a good day!