Add names to towers and hero thumbnails

The thumbnail pics for towers and heroes are really hard to figure out. For example, I can’t tell the difference between cadmus’ and jason’s headshots so I ended up picking a lvl 15 odyssey with cadmus and got destroyed. Same goes with towers. 3 of the towers’ thumbnails has a figure holding a stick of some sort, e.g. Paris Tower? Orthia Tower? Triaina Tower?

Also, the names of the towers aren’t even consistent… (Paris/Orthia/Triaina vs Artemis/Apollo/Poseidon)

Orthia/Artemis (Triana/Poseidon, etc.) is determined by the purple buff frame of the tower, has nothing to do with the actual picture of it. I simply ignore those name differences. Also, heroes might work, but slapping tower names would complicate the menu drastically even if it is done in a form of a legend, I believe.

I have a real problem with prometheus and odyseus, i confuse many time who is who ???

Gray beard and black beard :slight_smile:

Except one looks like some sort of advanced hobo and the other is a noble alcoholic. At least thats my take on them (Odysseus does have this particular outfit that virtually makes him look like a sailor (and those ought to be drunk while ashore)