Add New Perks to Unique Items by Dismantling Items with Three or More Perks

So I saw the above in-game tip. I have already been getting away from uniques (I do like Victory for Athena still), because I am already figuring out how to forge my own better gear. However, I am intrigued by that tip. I have questions.

  1. If I dismantle a fully-forged silver into a unique, will the resulting extra perk produced also be at the max value for my ascension level as is the case with normal forging of a unique?

  2. Can I forge a fourth perk in the same fashion?

  3. Will I later be able to dismantle a bronze 5* to max the new silver or gold unique back out the way I can now with uniques?

TIA for any insight. :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes, and no.

I agree with Dumpster’s answers, just be careful with this one. There are 2 ways to do, one is more efficient than the other but also costly, so before attempting, check again or ask! It might be a good idea to think about this, before you even add 1 perk.

When you refine a unique with either a silver item (add 1 perk) or gold item (add 2 perks) the new resulting item has a boost period that raises the stats higher than they would normally be. To such an extent that if you raised an ascension lvl and then went to reforge normally for example it would lower the uniques stats.
I believe a gold refined unique has stats ‘boosted’ for about 10 levels, after which a standard forge (with bronze 5* item) will see the stats raise slightly. Silver 5 levels or something like that.
For this reason it is better to do one gold forge rather than 2 silver ones. Also better to wait as long as possible to forge uniques as after they become very expensive to reforge (20M+150W reforge gold unique).

So, I might as well quick-forge the dismantle, since all that matters is that it is a fully-forged item (the refined item doesn’t determine the values)?

When refining uniques the item stats of the object being dismantled is irrelevant - the ‘quality’ of the uniques will determine it’s stats after refining is complete. You can have good stat uniques and bad stat uniques. So don’t make the dismantled object high stats, as you’re just wasting resources. Use junk to make the 3 or 4 perk item for dismantle.
Also know that you don’t need to pre forge your unique to current level, it is all done with the refine process.

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Thanks! So, if I want to refine again later and have extra perks, I would need to use another silver or gold and the new refine would get the perks from that dismantle (if I used a bronze later, the unique would revert back to a 2-perk)?

No, if you use bronze it stays as a 3 or 4 perk item, but you will not improve the stats and sometimes weaken them. Unless you’ve gone up MANY levels since you refined your unique, in which case you may see a modest increase. It’s really not worth doing in most circumstances. Refining uniques in general, I mean.

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I actually asked for a reset button for uniques in the event of mistakes and a clean slate to start again! Obviously has never happened. Thanks FG got my 30th duplicate unique today a 5th Achilles shield, where is my armour!!! (must be Christmas) that’s about 5% of my inventory filled with junk that I prob shouldn’t sell for a few thousand gold…

I say 30th duplicate but in reality its far far more than that as I used to curse duplicates for fun, so the true # of duplicates is easily over 50 by now.

So once you add perks, are they locked in, or will refining again with a different silver or gold give them different perks?

The latter.

Must be more than 15 c

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