Add Patch Notes

Hello everyone,


One day I thought, if a person can not or will not reach the forum of royal revolt 2, why not add when he comes into the game a patch notes that let’s us to see if there have been updates to the game or simple maintenance of the servers that have made changes to the game.

This pach notes will appear only the first time within the game and then not do more, it will appear only when there will be changes / technical updates to the game.

I would add that this table provides the various updates and it is only a thing that does not compromise the original functions of the game, it is only a starting tab which appears at start then disappears by clicking an “x” above the tab.

Let me know what you think.



Interesting idea. Would love to have patch notes available. Though, I’d rather like an option for viewing them (at any time) in the options menu than having them displayed only once per update. Plus, I’d like kind of a version history (patch notes for all versions) somewhere.

Though, as seen with the current update, even the patch notes in the forum and on the app stores are not really complete or concrete enough to actually tell everything… hence I’d prefer extending/completing patch notes here in the forums rather than including the short version to the game, as those who care can view it elsewhere already now.


This ^^. I  love the original idea of in game patch notes. As of right now, like Hero said there is ‘no’ official and complete patch note. At best, people compile their own patch notes of big changes from their own observations. Sometimes Jona will post the big highlights on the forums here (much obliged). Still, I would like a complete list of all the little mechanical things changed somewhere. I want all the little details, some of them matter for higher level players. I’d like to know just how much the hero’s speed was slowed, exactly how much damage was added/removed from unit revamping. Exactly how many hours/gold in game upgrades were changed. Everything. It shouldn’t be hard, Flare obviously will have a list of that somewhere. Just copy and paste it to the forums for the rest of us please =)


As for the ingame patch notes, I think a summary of the juicy stuff will be sufficient. Give em the highlights like “Mummy nerfed for defence” and then a link to the indepth version.


Please and thankyou!

I understand you’d like to say and explain even the little things like :“many improvement” or “little bugs / issues fixed” to know.