Add the Hero to the Castle Defence

This recommendation comes as a response to all those forum members who complained that offence is too OP and that defence needs to be balanced accordingly.

My suggestion is to add the hero with his selection of 3 spells in the castle defence (alongside the Primal Beast). The enemy hero should begin moving from the castle gate to engage you and your troops from the start of the raid and should use a hit-and-run tactic to harass u and your troops constantly (not just move forward like the Primal Beast when u and your troops get in the middle of the path), he should attack intelligently!!! …after all he s the King, he has Brains…right!!!

U think C.Phoebe is OP!!! …HA HA HA…wait till u see a lv.120 hero with 3 fully upgraded and blacksmith boosted spells coming your way!!!

Is this a joke? Lol

The hero would be so much easier to kill. 25k health for the hero rather than 100k health + healing for Phoebe. Armageddon deals the most damage in the game. 

Celestial Phoebe is 100x better than a 130 level player

Don’t work like Olympus Rising with Gatekeeper. Each hero appear in defense at the gate because they have over 90k,150k and 300k depending your level. Here you cannot reproduce the same. The maximum or close the maximum a Hero can have its 30k HP. One sonic blast bye bye its over. One Bladestorm bye bye and so on or just bring a pal level 10 and you kill the King in 1 second. 

Anyway we have already the Beast so I don’t see any point to have a King

U guys see this new idea in a completely wrong way!!! I told u the hero will do hit-and-runs, he won t just move forward like a primal beast or just standing by the castle gate like a boring OR gatekeeper.

I want u to think of the hero as a support unit for the defensive waves , acting like an enemy hero unit from Warcraft. He ll be attacking you under the cover of the defensive waves and when all troops around him die, or casts all 3 of his spells, he ll retreat only to attack you later under the cover of a new wave of troops and with all 3 spells ready. As a result, It will require a significant level of micro-management to beat him before he flees and will make raiding MUCH more exciting!!!

AwesomestKnightest I d LOVE to see U laugh when the Lv.120 hero throws a max level swordrain on you and insta-kills all your precious ogres and mages, while also subtracting half of your hero’s energy bar…(evil) LOL!!! 

Maybe you have a idea behind the head but not gonna work. By the sad reaction your topic get. Probably this topic will belong in Non Feasible idea.

Innovative ideas that r completely out-of-the-box ALWAYS get negative reactions.

Lets face it, standard towers and wave troops with their simple AI make the game feel repetitive. FG needs to add an interacive unit that has better AI and has the ability to a degree to respond and to react accordingly to the player’s raiding strategy.  

In my opinion, facing (an intelligent) enemy king it d be tons of FUN and will add value to the gameplay with VERY little programming effort from FG. It ll feel like the ultimate duel between 2 hero players!!!

If FG wants to cancel an idea based on a few negative reactions and play it safe by keeping the gameplay the same, so be it

…it s FG 's loss not mine

First off, even if that did happen, the “beast” or “hero” would be called too OP and therefore taken out of the game or nerfed. Phoebe doesn’t even do that much damage :slight_smile:

I probably would laugh though lol, but I don’t use Ogre’s or Mages and I have shield plus monks (which are not weak to Swordrain)…I might lose 1/73 of my health though :lol: 

Explain to me how you are actually serious with this idea? Complaining about how OP Phoebe is and then coming up with a counter for Phoebe…by making a beast hero that’s even worse lol. Doesn’t make sense to me

I was wrong about C.Phoebe, she s the best thing that ever happened to RR2, she spiced up the game, made it more interesting and challenged me to become a better player. Only after you and Maerique told me that I should push her away from the bless aura circle I realised that it was a strategy problem that made her look OP.

However, i could beat C.Phoebe because I got max level spells and units (and fully blacksmithed too), low-mid players with lesser units and spells get smoked like their nothing, that’s why I complained about low-mid castles getting C.Phoebe for free just because they r in an alliance that activated her.

Facing an intelligent enemy king that adopts to my raiding tactics …would sooooooooooo ROCK!!!   it d make me feel like I trully conquered his castle!!!