Add Weakness/Resistance in Celestial Phoebe card

@FTB Celestial Phoebe for now is the only beast that hasn’t displayed in its card resistances or weaknesses. Please make sure to include them in a future version. Thanks.

This beast doesn’t have any particular resistance or weaknesses:


So… does it have any non-particular resistance or weakness?

No ^^

Depending on how many units you have or depending on how Celestial Phoebe is set it its rotation of spells, it will easily wipe all your troops, and once this is done there is no way back. You can spend as many gems as you want, as many skills or try any thing you want, the beast will kill you. The only thing you can do is to run from it, try to kill a few more structures and wait for the beast to kill your base. Isn’t this unit overpowered? Without a weakness and the way it spams heal aura its impressive. It is really frustrating when you see Celestial phoebe is coming, you know it is going to be a matter of luck to go through it.

Celestial phoebe in its present form at lvl 1 which mostly middle level alliances has is pretty esy to kill.push into units and it dies in 2 to 3 secs…howl at lvl 6 onwards do a better job than lvl 1 phoebe.


I agree Celestial Phoebe is too powerful for general usage.  I’m a high enough level player I can kill a level 1 or run past it to gate most times.  However, many members of my Alliance are not strong enough to deal with it so they have stopped participating in wars and are actually leaving the Alliance.  My fear is as more and more Alliances attain this beast it will eventually kill many mid to lower level Alliances due to lack of participation and membership.  How can a lower level Alliance be in same war as higher level Alliance you ask?  Sorry, another issue but space limits it being discussed here.  It may also cause a lot of mid to lower level players to give up completely and actually leave the game all together.  Right now, today, I know many players who are waiting for the RR2 v4 update to see what it is, have stopped buying gems or other “specials”, and are already discussing and trying out other games.

Please Flare, reconsider the Celestial Phoebe…

Yes level 1 easy but the higher levels you have to make run past it and try to get to gate first before it reaches base. Nothing works on it from what I have tried. It is OP.

So how do you kill high level beast then, wish it away?

Its practice…if u go to high level bases most of them are using howl beast, just because phoebe beast is weak incomparison to howl for most cases. Though a lot depends on the timing of beast and ur waves. Practice on bases with phoebe is the only thing that can help u. Trust me its super easy right now, go to it push it inside the army cast spells gone. I dnt even remember when was the last time a phoebe beast killed me outside war. During war yes it do kill me sometimes bt with offence so much overpowered at least beast should kill some careless raiders , nothing wrong with that. Also for members leaving, its the respinsibility of generals and leader to guide low level members and help them better their offence. We constantly do it in our alliance “The Lost Sheep”. Beast kills som raiders doesnt make it OP. Try higher bases with high level howl u wil realize what a strong beast actually means. 

Uh, what spells? Push in to troops bad idea they all get whacked doing that including me. 

Every pal has a HUGE weakness now…cannons can shoot at them. All you have to do is bring Phoebe to a choke-point and distract him while the cannons destroy!

I dont know …i just do that with every beast all the time even to beasts from all top alliances…still i dnt die…until n unless i am careless…i can kill phoebe beast quite easy

Will try that next time come across Phoebe.