Adding an extra favorite player spots



I suggest to have an option to add more than 10 favorite players by gems or gold like the option in the inventory to add extra spot for gems



No need for that. Just write down the extra names on a piece of paper.

Agree and I always do that. but the problem I am facing is with the players who their names are maybe in an Asian country or letters that aren’t available in my keyboard like Dutch or some letters in French like the Es


so in that case I can’t write them down 

I’d also like extra slots. That’s way more comfortable than writing down on paper.


Everyone preferring paper can just keep on handling it that way and just ignore the optional slots. So the slots wouldn’t hurt them at all…

Me too but don’t see a reason why this should cost gems…

Yea dont make it cost gems. Just add more slots plz. Ive been over cramming my favorites list since day 1

If it’s for free it would be great!!! but I am just giving an example and sure free is way better than gems