Adding new prestige levels


Sorry for tagging you but it would make much sense if you are gonna add new prestige lvls as we have got new decorations. Players also will lean towards the decoration stuff if you add new lvls otherwise no one will even look at them. I personally like the decorations and the new decorations seem to give a lot of prestige if upgraded to their max lvls. The existing prestige lvls are maxed at around 180k prestige and even if you just upgraded the old decorations to their max lvls, it gives around 230k total prestige. So please consider adding new prestige lvls which would make the players install decorations.

Actually he did mentioned it many times here at forum that they planning on introducing more prestige level in near future. You can check his comments too.


Oh…my bad really. Thanks
I apologize CM, never mind this.

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Not a problem, it is always good to get an idea of what people are asking for. We are looking into more Prestige levels, but it may be some time before we can introduce them. They will not come in the next version.


Thanks for responding and it is good to know that you are working on them. Really appreciate it.

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